Morningside Bagels - each batch ~ from scratch
Our Story In 2006 we, Roxane & David Tackett, considered quitting our jobs to make bagels.  This idea solidified when Jay Ramsey owner of our favorite bagel shop, New York Bagel, decided to shift gears and focus on his RX Catering business.  Our love for the New York style of fresh "boiled" bagels just could not be satisfied any other way.
In September of 2007, with lot's of help, we opened the doors and have been mixing, boiling and baking  them everyday since.
In spring of 2018 our personal lives dictated we close the shop and place it for sale.  We will miss all of our customers and staff as they made our days awesome!
Our Staff  We were very fortunate to have many awesome, talented individuals who helped us keep the bagels coming every day!  Most recently Ben, Brett, Eric, Jenny, Jessie, Kelly, Matt, Raley, Tucker, Wendy & Will.  We could not have done it without them and wouldn't have wanted to.

Our dear, sweet Neoma passed away July 2014.  She was such a huge part of who we are.  We had been together almost very day since March of 2008.  We really miss her.

10848 Maumelle Blvd. 
N. Little Rock, AR 72113
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