The MorningSide Bagel Story

Eleven years ago Roxane & David Tackett quit their desk jobs to begin MorningSide Bagels. In 2006 the opportunity to open their own bagel shop presented itself when the owner of their favorite bagel place, New York Bagel, decided to close his place. A love for the New York-style fresh "boiled" bagels inspired their leap into the bagel making business.

After extensive remodeling and months and months of practicing making bagels, they officially opened the doors at MSB. 

While their adventure ended in April 2018, it has just begun for the new owner, Robyn Edwards. After an extensive career in marketing and public relations, Robyn decided it was time for a change. So when she saw that MSB was being sold, she thought -- why not bagel making? 

With the help of family, friends, and former co-workers, she was able to flip the switch on the MSB OPEN sign December 3. 

Our Staff  

We're very fortunate to have many awesome, talented individuals who help us keep the bagels coming every day!  The team includes Brett, Eric, Jenny, Wendy, Kristen, and Daysi.


10848 Maumelle Blvd. 
N. Little Rock, AR 72113
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